Squeezing Life as Toothpaste

Squeezing Life As Toothpaste is about inspiration, more specifically with the intention of helping people navigate through life most challenging problems. Particularly it provides encouragement, hope and strong support tool for any and every person of all ages, ethnic, cultural, racial, or religious backgrounds. The book has some counseling flavors to it whether in church settings, marital relationships, prison, particularly juvenile facilities, AA meetings, Salvation Army and so forth, the reader will find some helpful tips in handling real life struggles.

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There is no book in the world like this book. It is the first of its kind and totally unique, in the sense, that most people do not view their life as being ‘squeezed as toothpaste’ when it becomes almost impossible to stop addictions of any type. The metaphor of squeezing life as toothpaste gives one the picture of what happens when a toothpaste tube becomes empty. What follows next is tossing away of the tube. Similarly, a life given over to addiction without serious remedy also gets tossed. Satan’s tactics of providing pleasures to lure his victims in underscores the principle take home message within this book. Understanding Satan’s baits come incrementally without letting his victim know they are being squeezed as toothpaste. The attempt has been to pull the blanket off Satan’s ploys, to arm the reader with the knowledge on how to detect, be on guard against Satan and to keep from becoming a victim. “Squeezing Life as Toothpaste” provides the reader with examples of individuals whose lives have been destroyed because they didn’t have the knowledge provided in this book.  Millions of individuals who started with what they regarded initially as having little cravings or experimenting with alcohol, drugs, gambling and/or sex and having fun later evolved to entrapment. Entrapment does not only involve the individual, but relatives, family, children, finance, and ultimately the individual’s health.  In Squeezing Life As Toothpaste, the reader will be encouraged to trust his maker, be inspired to resort back to how the creator intended for the individual to be.  Hope is not all lost for the individual addict who turns to the manufacture of life.  The creator of life has the ability to fix life that has been squeezed out as toothpaste and restore the individual with all that Satan destroyed of it.

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