If you can answer this question, then I’m not talking to you. But, if it sounds strange to you and you do not know it, can we talk? Integrity, it seems, appears to be a rare, if not, a foregone verbiage in most people’s daily vocabulary. Most politicians sneeze at the mention of it and then ask, what’s that? Most pastors, unfortunately, change radio dial or TV channel when there is mention of integrity on the show. So then, what’s integrity? Glad you asked! Integrity denotes a consistent adherence to the court of conscience that rules against inordinate etiquette exercises. Integrity is being entrusted with good moral judgment; one who does not perceive oneself as being above the Golden Rules, but applies oneself without onlookers looking and cheering; being sincere, even at the expense of his/her comfort. Thus, one, of whom, it’s believed to do the right when everyone else thinks the very opposite.

Rev. Christian O. Nwakaihe

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