Is there something you are building? People seem involved in building one thing or another, be it financial, an house, relationships, friendships, a bridge and so forth. Can you think of what God may be calling you to build for Him? You see, you can build financial future, God may not be in it, an house, God may not be in it, a relationship or friendship, God may not in them. How about building a bridge? How foreseeable can this be to you that you may have been called to be a bridge builder. Bridge building has the concept of closing a gap. Let’s consider that for a moment. If men estranged from God and do not have the ability to return to God, since a sinful man cannot approach a holy God, I suppose we need a bridge. There needs to be a bridge between man and God. Animal sacrifices couldn’t suffice to bridge the gap. But who dare to begin a bridge construction to close that gap between a sinful and an holy worlds? You see, there needs to be a cross between man and God. Reconciliation is a form of bridge building; all peoples have been given the injunction to reconcile to God through the provision He has made available—Jesus. Jesus said “No man has the ABILITY (added phrase) to come to The Father unless through Him. Also, no man has the ability to come to Me unless The Father draws that person, (John 6:44). Reconciling men to God appears to be the bridge building God is calling you and me to. God is in the business of calling men everywhere to be bridge builders.
Be a bridge builder and enjoy God’s blessing

Christian O. Nwakaihe, M-Div.


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