An unexamined life is not worth living!
An average person looks in the mirror more than twice a day. What does the mirror reveal standing in front of it? If your concern [is] how good or bad you look, fixing your face, hair or appearance, how about the person you are on the inside; does it get that much more attention? It isn’t the you that presents to the public that makes you who you are, but the one that jumps out unguarded in the face of an incidence perceived as a danger or an offense. You see, an examined life is who you are when whomever is the object of attention to impress is not watching, when who you are in the private is the same as in the public, when adjustments to fit or influence your sphere of influence is not necessary. An examined life values and respects life, recognizes the goodness in self and others particularly, those of his or her household members. An examined life is conscientious with respect to treatment of others, walking in concert with the “Golden Rule.” How do you deal with frightening occurrences? Some situations can present dead and decaying ugly smell, but your presence and response to unpleasant and unwelcoming situations can provide beautiful aroma. If that describes you, your life is worth living. Conversely, an unexamined life seems self-absolved, careless about dignity of life, can be callous in treatment of others, enthrones self, thus thinks nothing of others and does not know that others are in him/her and he/she is in others. So then, examine yourself daily.

Rev. Christian Nwakaihe

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