All things, including sex must serve God’s purpose.

When was the abolition of union between opposite genders?

Before God embarks on something “New” He will have first deemed the old not obsolete, but out of line with His creation purposes, thus necessitating the former to be demolished for the entrance of the New; at least, thus far, this has been His paradigm as history appears to reveal.

For instance, the Garden of Eden did not become obsolete, rather it no longer served the purpose when corruption made its way there, God did not dissolve Adam and Eve’s marriage, rather He expelled the first family from the Garden.

When God destroyed the first world with water, because the wickedness of men was great, God did not destroy opposite sex marriage, but preserved them for repopulation of the earth. Hence, it is observed in Noah’s Ark how God preserved the animal spices two by two, male and female of each kind.
Furthermore, when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, He only destroyed sex practices of the same gender, but preserved opposite gender marriage. Nowhere did God give accent to same sex marriage. Once again another destruction has been pronounced in Revelation 21, when the old heaven and the old earth will pass away for the New Jerusalem to be ushered in, but it does not say anything about the abolition marriage as God instituted it from the beginning.

How then can we say man has evolved in the twenty first century to warrant a change from heterosexual to homosexual marriage when God has neither said the former is not fulfilling His creation purposes nor has He sought to destroy anything of it. Can anything evil be more apparent than that man is taking the place of God and acting as God? Unconscionably, same sex marriage is not fulfilling God’s purpose.
Something to cogitate about!!

Rev. Christian Nwakaihe

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