Are You Squeezing Life as Toothpaste? Watch This Video.

"I will not be the one to deny God’s grace upon my life, how He has been patient with me through countless mistakes in the process of teaching me discipline." - C. Nwakaihe

Featured Book: Squeezing Life as Toothpaste

Squeezing Life As Toothpaste is about inspiration, more specifically with the intention of helping people navigate through life most challenging problems. Particularly it provides encouragement, hope and strong support tool for any and every person of all ages, ethnic, cultural, racial, or religious backgrounds. The book has some counseling flavors to it whether in church settings, marital relationships, prison, particularly juvenile facilities, AA meetings, Salvation Army and so forth, the reader will find some helpful tips in handling real life struggles.

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“This book is filled with biblical references,which references are articulated, easily understood and carefully woven  into the premise of this book, i.e., be careful or the devil will squeeze the life out of you as easily and effortlessly as squeezing a tube of toothpaste.”

Richard A. Acito

“You don’t think much of it, as a matter of fact, now when I am brushing my teeth, I have become conscious,which was never the case with me. I used to get up, brush my teeth without thinking it has connection to life in terms of how one lives their life. Just Great!”

Susan R.L Houston, Texas

“I have never associate life with toothpaste except in terms of brushing my teeth. This book sort of reminds me life cannot be lived recklessly or it will be squeezed out just like toothpaste.”

Jacky M Smith, Britain, UK

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